‘Takkeherrie’ shares the sounds of Treebranches. joey schrauwen If these branches are given our close attention, what would we hear from them. If they were given a voice of some sort, what would they tell you.   I have been captivated by these branches which I kept seeing scattered throughout the city concrete. Their curves […]


  joey schrauwen Introspector For this performance I designed an object that may help us look inwards. After ‘Stopping the World’, and putting halt to our subconscious interpretation of life, and with that exposing the mechanism we once were subjected to, we are staring into, what seems nothingness. we’ve sent the ego away, it is […]

What sounds like now

will be has been touring the country.~ joey schrauwen We have been were invited by Via Rudolphi , among 2 other performances (‘The seed of life’ – Romano Haynes)  + (‘The place to be’ – Koen van der Heijden & Hidde Aans-Verkade) ,                            to tour What […]


joey schrauwen Tweakling was te zien op Route du Nord, 26 mei, Zwartjanstraat Rotterdam Hoe komen we los van de verstikkende vastigheid van onze manier van bewegen? In het onderzoeken naar alternatieve manieren van menselijk voortbewegen, zeg ik vaarwel aan de kaders van ‘mens’ en ‘dier’. In de korte voorstelling Tweakling deel ik mijn vondsten uit het onderzoek, […]


WET is a performance that sinks itself into the senses. Using water as a conductor, it attempts to connect the imagination of the audience to the actions on the floor. Inspired by the work from film director Akira Kurosawa, I searched for ways to embed movement into the scenery. duration: 60 min joey schrauwen This piece […]

Two Boys – Guilherme Miotto

joey schrauwen Two Boys – is a new dance performance by Guilherme Miotto – part of Maas’s Tripple Bill; Loslopend Wild XL. Danced by my fellow Trashcan Heroes crewmember Simon Bus and Hustlekidz’s seargant in arms Shane Boers. My role in this project was the set and light design. For the piece I’ve built two man-high illuminated […]


‘:::’ is about the seeking the virtue of patience. I am fascinated by the idea of patience and endurance in the never ending. This is my way of investigating it, in an attempt to gain some more insight and knowledge about transforming restlessness to restfulness. Below are pictures taken from a live performance at the […]

A.C.T. & Schrauwen.exe

Sunday 20th November I will be  have  expos ing ed over 30 drawings at TimeWindow (Teilingerstraat 120), Rotterdam. From 12:00 to 15:00 the doors are were wide open for you to take a look and enjoy a nice cup of tea. (no entrance fee!) I will be have been sharing the afternoon with Chris Meeder, aka A.C.T.- We hope hoped to […]


DEFORM -performed at Roodkapje’s ‘WinterWolven Festival 2016’- We humans tend to live as the person who came forth from our memories. Neglecting the present, where memories are actually made. This way we distort our self-perception, in a spiral, to the point of living unaware of our most truthful present feelings and intentions. Breaking down this self-image […]


INUNDATE verb in·un·date \ˈi-(ˌ)nən-ˌdāt\ : to cause (someone or something) to receive or take in a large amount of things at the same time : to cover (something) with a flood of water   ‘INUNDATE’ is a short film I recently made together with Alyssa Schrauwen. You hear the voice of a young man. After […]

MORE (White-Red-Black)

MORE (White-Red-Black) is both a musical and physical composition that I was part of. Portraying the ‘untouchable’ elites of the business- and politic spectrum, the wars they invoke and the blood they wash off their hands. Headless chickens, and cocky roosters, in a box that gets smaller and smaller with every time they bump the walls. […]