joey schrauwen


For this performance I designed an object

that may help us look inwards.

After ‘Stopping the World’,

and putting halt to our subconscious interpretation of life,

and with that exposing the mechanism we once were subjected to,

we are staring into, what seems nothingness.

we’ve sent the ego away, it is taking a trip away from us for an indefinite-time.

Though it is quiet without this ego praising itself into existence,

it is not silent.

We are now to listen attentively,

with no judgement,

to what movement (e-motions), thoughts

and behaviours

lives in ourselves



Watch a small impression here


Thank(s) to

Roodkapje for their generous hospitality and contribution to the process,

David van der Wees for assisting in the process of design and construction of the object.

photos by Rik Zutphen ❤

Published by Schrauwen

Autonomous Artlander, based in Rotterdam