A Some

Video impression of A Some

‘A Some shows a young man, in search of his ‘epic self’.

A mystic he feels trapped within.

In desperation he tries to jerk and tear this fantasy out of his body, while afraid to lose his modesty in the proces.’

I’ve premiered this piece at the first edition of Festival aan de Maas in 2014. It was kind of my comeback to Rotterdam after spending 4 years living in Maastricht.

After performing at ‘United Cowboys’ Seasoning in Eindhoven, I performed this at the ITSfestival on the 24th / in Maastricht on the 30th of June 2014 / in Rotterdam on 2nd of october 2015 at Maastheater‘s Fresh x Dev night.

Published by Schrauwen

Autonomous Artlander, based in Rotterdam